Saturday, September 13, 2014

Parts from the machinist arrive!

I need some part fabricated, so I contacted a local machinist since sometimes you need exactly instead of close.
This is the AC motor mount I created a while ago.  But after getting it all bolted in and tighten down; I really felt it needed to be welded to be 100%.  So here's the welded version.
 These are some flanges I need bent to support one of the rear battery packs.  I could have bent them of course.  But this is the difference between a shady tree mechanic and someone with a shop full of toys.  I guarantee I would not have hit those perfect angles.  And I wanted this cold bent to keep the strength of the steel.
These are some angle iron I needed cut.  I absolutely cold have done this good in my garage. But since we're "enjoying" +90 degree weather.  I just tacked is onto the job.

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