Sunday, January 23, 2011

Junk in the trunk.

Not the most original title for a post. I'll grant you that. But none the less. This post is all about the trunk.
For whatever reason, Porsche thought that having a overly complex hinge was a good idea for the rear trunk. So they came up with fantastically over tensioned rods to provide counter weight. Under-sized tack wielded joints, and a small rear trunk to boot. See what I did there? Boot in what the English call the trunk (or at least Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear does).

Anyway when I got the car, the previous owner had MacGyver'd some strange solution (that involved roller blade wheels) to correct that the trunk joints had torn loose.

So the REAL repair is to replace the joint with something strong, and get rid of the bars in favor something current (like say a couple of hydraulic jacks.).

So first, Get help.
Then grind down the old wields.
Both sides, or course.
Some paint, some bolts. And viola'
These are some parts I bought when I first got the car; since I saw the state the trunk was it. So it's kind of nice to finally get to use them. Up next the hydraulic arms (seriously).

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where the Dear and the Antelope play...

I've been waiting for a part I've order (last MAY) to come in. It's the adapter plate, connects the motor to the transmission. And since I'm not sure what the dimensions are, I can't really fabricate around it.
So it looks like I'm going to be doing far more restoration work on the car then I had thought. As you might guess, it's better to fit parts into the cars, then restore around the new dimensions.
Since the rust had to be dealt with and then the car painted (because of the climate), I was willing to give somewhat on that timetable.
It now appears that I'll have to do more. And hope everything fits later.
So I added a little power toy to the lab.