Monday, October 17, 2011

As long as I mentioned painting.

I had to replace one of the front turn signals; and E-Bay is your friend. We had some hot weather here so I was able to strip and paint the new signal.

Silver is the new black. Well no not really. Rust-O-lium can only come in black. And I'm almost done with the odd can of shinny; everything else on the car was done in flat black. But of course the one can left when I needed it was shinny (and 33% bigger).
This is just a cosmetic silver; but the lights shouldn't get so hot as to cause any trouble. Unlike say the transmission.
The reason for making sure everything is nice a reflective is so that the LED lights that will go in here don't have a big issue with being too dim.

Did I mention the big ticket item I splurged on for the front of the car?

So I have a spare pair of slightly used (one more than the other) of old orange signal cover.

Don't believe me when I say I'm working...

Wow no update since April. That must really be tough work I'm doing... Well it did make a hug mess; and I'm 10 gallons of cleaner later. But here's the rebuilt transmission prior to reassembly.
Finally done with the cleaning and alignments and the seals.
I'm trying to locate some high temp silver spray paint so once it's all bolted together I can give it a nice coat.