Saturday, December 07, 2013

Where to put the... BUT!

Got my re-upholstered chairs back from the shop today...
And they are like brand freaking new.  Kenny's Upholstery did an amazing job.  The craftsmanship is second to none.  I tried to find a before picture of these sad seats.  But they where so bad I never took a picture.

They were so awesome; that I even took a afternoon and installed them into the car already.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Well that's the problem right there.

Took care of the remaining rust problem.  I had planed to mount the DMOC 440 and charger in the trunk; so I knew fixing all the rust during the painting would be a waste.
 But after placing everything into position.  The batteries REALLY wanted to be in the trunk.
So now the get their wish.
The DMOC 440 and battery charger are being installed in the engine bay where they can cool themselfs to their hearts content.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Just how much cutting?

I didn't fix the rust in the floor of the trunk; since I planed to cut it out to put in the conversion parts.
But now; I'm thinking maybe I don't have to cut as much as I was thinking:

 I got all kinds of inches to spare.


 There are no bolts in these batteries, so you have to imagine a half inch more.

So I think I'll cut into the trunk anyways.

Batteries included.

My brother wanted to pitch in an make the battery racks,  so I measured out some specs and he wielded them up.  Here's the first rough draft of them
So I got them and test fit the batteries into them to make sure; I could in fact measure the batteries correctly.
 The answer is... Yes I can measure things correctly.  I've seen his work before, so I was more worried I'd start converting metric to English and horse it up something awful.

But as you can see, even the pyramid to power is spot on!

Driving on sunshine.

With the upcoming car; I wanted to get a handle on using the electricity wisely.  So out came the solar panels!

All wired up and ready to start pumping into the grid.