Saturday, September 13, 2014

How do you wire all those batteries together?

 You get a whole bunch of braided cables!

 I got lucky and scored all the smaller one on E-Bay; for a ridiculously low price.  But now they are mine; so you can't have them!  The larger ones I ordered from Evolve EV out of Australia.  Great product fantastic price...  But about that shipping.  I paid less to ship all my batteries (3 creates) to my door, then 74 of those jumpers.  It just about doubles the per-unit price!  Great product, but someone local really needs to start making these.

Not so with the larger jumper cables!  I had a local battery shop make them up for me. Took a couple of hours and about $4 each.

This gets to the one bit of high voltage wiring I have not yet figured out...
I got one of these on Amazon $5 bucks or so, but I have no idea how to crimp the cables.  The guys at the battery shop said they could...  Then they saw the cable diameter.  It wouldn't fit in their crimper.

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