Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where's Huston when you need them.

I've known about the rust on the passenger side engine, since buying the car. It's bad. But as I break the car further and further down, I'm getting a clearer picture of just what I'm up againest. And I see more dollars going into that part of the car than I had planed. "But it seems the plans are to be changed!" (And so are the sheets).

This should be a stright line. That strange fold is not suppose to be there....

It seems that it is so bad, that at one point the previous owner tried to jack the car up using one of the jack points, and it gave way. When I tried the back-up jack point, under that car; I found that it was gone as well. Well not gone, but someone had also tried to jack the car up there as well, and the whole section had folded up and retreated further up into the car.

At this point I'm not even too sure where to put the jacks to remove the engine... It could be the only thing holding the right side of the car together.

It's not, and I've been told to use the rear suspension points when removing the engine.

But, dang, that's a lot of rust.

Missing in action

There are more and more thing missing from the car every day. Which is a good thing… For now.

Gas tank and front hood; missing! Also worth note: all brake fluid is missing as well.

Rear trunk and engine cover: missing....

The engine's going walk-about next, but I'm taking a couple of weeks off for a walk-about myself. So soon.

Harry Houdini

What do you do with all the parts as you remove them and they’re waiting for media blasting? Well since I’m not going to kick a car out of the garage, I’ll raise them up.

Watch as they hover in mid air (and please god don’t let them fall!). The original plan was to pulleys on all corners; so one person (me) could raise and lower that parts as needed. In case more stuff had to be added.