Friday, December 21, 2007

Come on... smile!

One of my favorite jokes about electric cars is "There are more Tuckers on the road then EV1's." So you can imagine how interested I was when I saw that there are not one, but two restored EV1's out there.

The first belongs to WWU; and they have been very faithful in restoring this car.
The other belongs to UW Madison. They have changed out the inverter and charger, but kept (and were able to get) the original batteries.
While there are still more Tuckers on the road (49); there are now 200% more EV1's (2) than I thought. And Jay Leno still can't get one.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Now this is new.

One of my plans has always been to sand blast the car, and put on a new color. Nothing wrong with canary yellow; but it's a tad to 70's. Last night I saw this : on TV.

Who knew? Use baking soda instead of sand. Unless they charge way more than a sand blaster, I am so going to do this. It's just too cool.

BTW the new color I'm thinking about is Audi's "Deep Sea Blue Pearl Effect". I think getting the running boards power coated black and the chrome trim should really look nice.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Silver lining on the gray clouds.

First the grey clouds:
Well Murphy had his way with me. I was planning to get the car into the garage as fast as possible. No reason to contribute to more rust. So I had to clear up floor space to move the car in. The soonest the new cabinets could be installed was yesterday.

Sure enough with the new storage space; I was able to move that car into the garage today…. of course it rained yesterday. Hard.

I live in So-Cal so we only get like five day of rain a year. And Murphy insisted the car get rained on one last time.

Well if that’s the only time Murphy shows up, I’ll count my blessings.

Now the silver lining:
Since the car got soaked I took some time today to further disassemble the interior and pull more carpet and linings out. And it really does appear that the rust is only on the passenger side engine compartment.

Oh, I found out what the technical term for the ‘shape’ of the trunk hood is; it’s “sprung”. There are two coasters the are suppose to provide a three point hinge. But the restrainers can rust away (or just get broken off). But that’s where the trunk rust I have came from.

No rust in the drivers side (just rain water) controls.

Front trunk has a light dusting of it; but most of the grim brushed clean.

Here's the rust that I'll have to fix. But it will really keep me busy.

Glamor shot with the hood off. Nice! BTW the spot of rust on the finder is really where the radio antenna used to be. That will be filled in; I'll be going iPod or maybe satellite radio.

I've been to the mountain top.

My Dad had a dream and he imparted that dream onto his sons. I now live that dream. May I present to you:

Two cars in a two car garage!

I would like to thank my wife and daughters (who graciously allowed me to park their vehicles behind the Porsche).