Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back in the car.

Windshield wiper fixed and installed. It's always nice to learn new things; since this had a missing bolt and was otherwise messed with, it was nice to rebuild it.
I also finished installing the head lights.

Both of them.Doors are next and then the dash. But I don't know if I'll install the doors; it's so easy to work on the car without them.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A touch of bling

Just for some color, I added some bling to the blog. I hope you like it. Rick as always did a great job on 'cleaning' up the graphics.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Scrap and paint.

Last weekend I started stripping and painting the old parts I'm putting back in the car. A couple of good coats of rust-o-lium flat black will hopefully keep them in good shape for the years to come. The grill over the engine bay, and the rear trunk hinges.

Here's a close up of the hinges with the guide bars all attached and the mounting hardware painted black. The nuts standing out yellow just gave me the willies; so as long as I was painting today, I gave them a coat.

Here's the support arm of the windshield wipers. I'm not painting the whole assembly. And really this part was in great shape.

I found this under the car. I had to remove it to get to the breaks and gas tank lines. I was temped to send it along for blasting; but felt it might get misplaced. Since it provides a bit of aerodynamics under the car, I knew I was going to put it back on. And losing it would be unfortunate.

Headlight assemblies. All striped, primed and painted. I was also able to get these installed as well. Thanks to some well timed wife watching the assistance's.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

All tucked away...

All cleaned up and waiting for another round of venture funding. To assemble the the car further I'll need to order some parts. Rubber seals, carpet, dyno-mats and get the seats reupholstered.

There are some sub-assemblies that I'll be working on in the mean-time:
Head-lights getting put back together.
Tail lights too.
Windshield wipers need to get reinstalled.
Dash board.
The trunk hinges working correctly.
And of course the doors.

Most of these will require clean up and a coat of Rustolium before installing. So I'll blog about each one indevidually.

Parts moving back in.

I finished up the wiring harness. And put it back in.
Here's the front all taped up, and installed. The three wires dangling on the left are for the gas tank level (irionic ).
Here's the engine compartment all nice and neat. For the first time in it's life.
The middle; not so much. Still needs to be installed, but I have to get the mounting hardware for the fuse pannel.

Working so hard!!!

I worked my helpers so much today; they had to take a nap.
I wish I could join them.