Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Better photos though technology

Back from paint and in the garage.

You can kind of make-out the pearl effect in the paint. No hole for the signal 'puck' or antenna hole anymore.

Focusing is way over-rated. All the dings are gone; nice and smooth.

The flash is making the blue come out more than it really does.

No more rust in the engine compartment.

All patched and painted; no more holes through the car frame.

Nice and straight, and with no rust. I didn't want the jack point; and forgot to remove the one on the other side. I plan to replace the rusted 'runners' with fiberglass replacements. They will stay shinny and black.

Even the doors are nice and shinny. The grill on the engine cover should be removed and painted black (and it will be).

Best photo showing the real color and effects.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

And now a taste of things to come....

Woot Woot!! We have paint. The repair is almost complete. Here's the hood and engine cover.

Left side (which was dented) all finished up.
The Right side (which was a lighter shade of yellow) all finished up.

And just a shot of the front. Everything was so nice and shinny!
The trunk hood and doors have been prepped and will go in the oven tonight. Saturday for a pickup. And into the garage for putting everything back into the car.
On a side note; I got a response back that the AC24LS engine is now ready for delivery.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Working but not working..

Currently the 914 is still getting ready for it's big reveal. How they do these in one week really is a mystery to me now. Still fabricating metal for the rusted out pieces. The hood, doors and trunk lid are completed and primed. The passenger compartment is complete and the trunk is almost done. We're still working on the engine bay rust.

Oddly the soda blasting is working for and against us. The bare metal is a breeze to fabricate and weld to. But because the job was done so well; the priming paint job requires two coats (minimum) to fully protect. Cal-Blasters got to every nook and cranny; so now the paint has to as well.

Did I mention this car is going to rock? I'll try and get some photo's next time I'm at the shop.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Getting ready for the home-comming

As long as the car is out of the garage for the second to last time (getting the breaks once overed will be the last time). I wanted to make sure the garage would looks it's best when it gets back in there. This is something I've wanted to do since moving in.

Insert awesome car in to this picture here.

And a huge thanks goes to Rick, for what could have been two days of back breaking work; being two mornings of back breaking labor (with a lot of joking between shots of Gatorade).

Friday, July 04, 2008

T-minus 10,9,8... PAINT!!!

Here's what a 914 looks like in the buff:

And the trunk:

Even the 'rust' in he trunk looks good like this:

Very good idea of the rust in the engine compartment:

I even found out the front left panel had been replaced at some point. But they did a nice enough job that the seam never showed. I always wondered why the paint was lighter.

Up next:

  • A quick primer job so nothing rusts.
  • Then metal work for what rust needs to be fixed.
  • Then body work to get out dinks and bends.
  • Another coat of primer.
  • Under carage paint job (JBL or such).
  • Paint the car (color number BF1F1).
  • Spray the trunks with bed liner. (Maybe later I'm going to be painted out after this)

I will then have a car ready for batery racks, motor and inverter.