Monday, November 16, 2009

AC55 Solution!

Woot-Woot! Turns out what I need is NEMA C-Face kit for a AC55!Who knew? Turns out Beth at Azure Dynamics does, and will sell me one. So though I'm not a big fan of cracking the motor open (they're sealed), I am a huge fan of this solution!
So the only remaining mounting question is the forward mounting bracket. I was measuring this weekend; and it's very close to being spot on.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Big toys!

Got my big old motor. I was thinking that maybe this motor is just too big for the car; but then I reminded myself that it is a Porsche after all. And isn't putting a giant motor into a tiny car what Porsche is all about?

Well as you can see it is an AC 55 motor.
Picture from behind. The silver spot is where a temperature sensor used to be. It didn't make it and had been disconnected at some point. So I just removed it.
Now here is what the front should look like (this is from Ross's Electro Jeep blog).
This is what mine look like. Not quite sure how I'll mount the clutch plate and transmission to it. I'm thinking of making some type of adapter ring.
There seems to be enough spline for a number of options. But nothing is leaping out at me. Of course since it's a 200+ lbs motor; I'm going to have to be mindful of stress when it's mounted.
Sorry about the horrible quality of that last shot. It's showing 2" (trust me).