Thursday, April 16, 2009

Looking car shaped.

Life got out of the way for a few minutes over the last couple of days; and I've been able to spend some time working on the car.  So it's starting to look vaguely car shaped.
I need a replacement running light for this side; but I test fit the other side's light, and I'm very happy to report the light well came out great (this side as you may recall was crushed).
Got the hoods on, and the doors hung.  There are a couple of trim pieces I want.  But the next big thing will be to button up the last of the electrical and run 12 volts to make sure everything grounds correctly.  One of the things I've been tracking is the number of issues other EV's are having with floating grounds.
This side was measured several times as the welding repairs were done.  Since a lot of rust was involved; I didn't want to risk changing the shape, and the door not handing correctly.  So it's a perfect fit!
Oddly this side was fine as far as the 'rustoration' was concerned; so no real attention was paid.  The door hangs with more than 1/4 inch to spare.  Ah well.
You can see how high the car rides on the new suspension.  Now I'm having daydreams of Li-ion batteries again.  1200lbs becomes 324lbs and the voltage goes from 114 to 156, and the amps go to 270.  Everything is better!

Except the price.