Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thanks 'Bro

My bother was asking about what I had planed on using for the high AMP DC wiring; when I mentioned 0/2 wielding cable. He said while that would be good, what I should really use is this cable they have at the studio. "It's totally better."
Well I took him up on his offer, if he had any, I would love to get some. So the other day he stopped by here at GZL, and dropped off what I can only call the best cable I have ever seen for this application. The shear perfection of this cable dictates how I'm going to run the DC now. It's going to be awesome.

So much the slacker

What's in the bucket? Not a list. The business end of a manual transmission more like it.

I like to follow the 914ev group on Google; and try to head problem off at the pass. One of the common problem with the 914 conversion is the RPM's. Mainly how many there are. The 30 year old 901 transmission just isn't up to +5,000 RPM. And they tend to develop a rather sever oscillation at the higher RPM's. So this led me to conclude I needed to rebuild the transmission.
So here I am; pulling one apart. I suspect most of the vibrations are from the rear-end bearing. Even though my transmission is is good shape; the 30 year old bearing has quite a lot of play. and at the high RPM, that might not be the best thing.
I'm still not sure about replacing the flywheel with a lighter racing version, but we'll see.