Monday, April 18, 2011

Back to black

Black on black doesn't photo too well; but this weekend I got to work on putting the drive train in. Apart from the getting the transmission joined to the motor the whole assembly has to be mounted into the car. The rear will make use of the existing transmission mounts.
But the front of the motor has to be supported. So I'll re-task the forward engine mount.
But it had to be cleaned (which required it to be repainted as well).
I'm not sure where my hex-nut/allen 3/4 inch driver went, so the assembly hasn't been tighted up yet; but here's the dry fitting.
Does that look like 1.70" +/- .01 of an inch? Did I mentioned I can't find my caliber ether?

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Oh MY!!!

In the deep voice of Mr. Sulu! OH MY!!!

Look what I found on my doorstep...
22 lbs of aluminum and steel .
I got my adapter plate!

It's everything the I wanted; milled to perfection. The hub adapter fit 'like a glove'.
It may have been a heck of a wait. But Electro-Auto continues the earn their reputation of quality. There is a chance that the stand off ring might be too long, but that I can get shortened locally.

Of interest: the instruction now ask the the clutch plate and clutch be balanced (and lightened) by a local machine shop. I guess the number of vibrating 914's has been noticed.

In my case I think it might be the rear bearing in the transmission that might be bad. But regardless; it's great that they are including the new steps.

Ironically now that I have the part I been missing for a year; I don't have any free-time till me and my Uncle get some paperwork done.